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In September 2019, I completed my Digital Marketing degree at Birmingham City University and wanted to take the next step. During my time at University, I secured a full time Digital Marketing role that I could work alongside my studies. This role helped me to put all of the learnings from my degree into a real work environment, building my understanding towards the ins and outs of Digital Marketing in the real world. As part of my Final Major Project at University, I took on the challenge to create a business and marketing plan for my own consultancy. I had always thought about being self-employed, but I had never thought it would be possible for a fresh graduate. From this project, 1706 Digital Consultancy was born. The deeper I got into my business plan the more I found a need for a consultancy in the market. I found that a fresh, transparent approach was lacking, and success would be finding SMEs who needed real help online without any catches.

My aim for 1706 Digital Consultancy is to always provide a personal, 1 to 1 approach that helps all of my clients evolve during the process. From working at an SME, I have found that their ability to compete online with their competitors is harder than ever before due to skills gaps, resources and budgets. 1706 aims to create an even playing field and allows every business, no matter their size, to succeed online.

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