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Every business has a story. 

Our Brand Design and Development package will give you the opportunity to increase brand value and tell your story beyond a nice looking logo. Whether you are in need of a re-vamp or ready for a fresh start, we will work together to build a brand that resonates with your audience.

Not only will we invest our time to understand your business, we will be in constant contact with you to discuss new ideas and creative. We pride ourselves on being transparent, meaning you get to see the step- by-step process of your brand coming to life.

Remember, not every business is the same and each business will require different aspects branding.

Your bespoke package could include:

After completing your initial consultation and questionnaire, we will work in collaboration to bring forward visual ideas. Using Pinterest, we will build a collaborative board that expresses a visual theme to direct your branding. Here we will look at colours, typography and design inspiration before deciding on the exact route you want to take.

Colours are a vital element of brand identity. Using inspiration from our collaboration on Pinterest, we will develop a variety of colour palettes that we can both have a play around with until the perfect palette is formed.

Typography is a vital element for building your brands identity. With the right choice of typography, your brand will be able to adopt a personality and emotionally connect to your audience.

Based on your initial consultation, Questionnaire and Mood boards, we will offer a variety of typography styles for you to select and carry forward into your brands design.

A nice looking logo will only get you so far. However, if your brand strategy and logo align, your brand has the potential to build deeper connections to your audience.

We will present a variety of logo concepts to you in sketches and prototypes. From here, we will work in collaboration to select the logo that we feel represents your brand to its full potential.

Alongside your primary logo, we will also design up to 3 variations for you to use in alternative formats.

Your brand strategy is directly linked to all aspects of your business. It understands who your audience are, where they are and how you are going to connect with them.

We will work in collaboration to develop a long-term strategy that helps you to create and execute your brand to your audience.

Alongside setting clear objectives for your brand, we will develop an understanding of your brand story and how this story gets told to the world. This includes your messaging, visual identity, channel set up, your customers journey and the experience they receive when engaging with you.

Building a brand is one thing, sticking to it is another.

In order to effectively portray your brand to your audience you need to be consistent. The easiest way to do this is to have a rule book that you can refer to at any time. This will help you and people working for you to understand the guidelines for creative freedom. Your brand guidelines will include both visual, strategic and communicative rules. You will even be writing E-Mails in your brands tone of voice.

Social Media channels are your opportunity to showcase your brand to an engaged audience. With so much competition, it is vital that you stay consistent with your branding on these platforms. With users interchanging from channel to channel, they are going to want to recognise you so they can remember that connection.

Our branded social media set up will consist of all the visual elements needed to set up your social page.

Your branding doesn’t stop at a logo. In order to give your audience a 360 experience, you could add other graphic elements to support your brands visual identity.

We can design patterns, submarks, icons, brushes and more.

A key element of branding is being recognisable across all platforms, social media included. We will design a set of templates that you can use across all of your social media channels – making it easy for you to incorporate your content into your new brand style.

This includes templates for Instagram Posts, Instagram Stories, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Youtube.

Presentations and documents don’t need to be dull. Spice them up with your brand identity and make them look professional and bespoke.

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